So, you are dusting off your dating skills and not sure how to act in this new world? Don’t worry, we got you covered. It’s always important to not talk too much about yourself and ask questions and show general interest in a person to see if you are compatible. However, sometimes we tend to get nervous and start saying the wrong things. Here’s what you need to know.

  1. DO NOT SAY I LOVE YOU on a first date. Do not! The feelings might be mutual and there is an instant connection, but let’s save that for a special moment.
  2. DO NOT TALK ABOUT EX’S. Do ask about an ex, don’t say “my ex used to do that”. This moment is the present and potentially your future. Do not talk about the past. You got this.
  3. DO NOT CALL HIM/HER BY THE WRONG NAME. I know it sounds silly, but sometimes nervous energy gets the better of you. Write it down and say their names over and over beforehand. You got this.
  4. DO NOT SAY “YOU DON’T LOOK LIKE YOUR PICTURE”. We get it, filters. We get it, maybe someone adds a few feet to their height. Whatever the case may be, let’s be a little sympathetic to the other’s insecurities and save comments about picture comparison to IRL to ourselves.
  5. DO NOT SAY “I GOOGLED YOU”. Hello! Stalker vibes. We’re all guilty of going down the rabbit hole of prescreening. Be careful you don’t bring up something you found from the late 90’s.