Overview FAQs

1) What is The Black Tie Club?

  • The BTC is a dating services company that combines the best of traditional Matchmaking with the best of online dating to create an entirely unique and amazing dating experience far greater than anything else online



2) Are you LEGITIMATE?

  • Absolutely! Our Founders, Cheryl Maida, has been a Matchmaker in Florida for over 14 years, and our other Co-Founder is a very successful entrepreneur named John Ferber who invented some of the earliest internet advertising technologies. His first company, Advertising.com, sold for over $500 million dollars.  We have plenty of references available upon request from satisfied members.


  • The company’s Headquarters is in the Sanctuary Office Park in Boca Raton, Florida at Yamato Road and Federal Highway – The formal address is 4800 North Federal Highway, Suite B-201 – Boca Raton, FL 33461   Our office Phone number is 561-288-6383



3) What type of clientele do you cater too?

  • Our clients both male and female, are either professional working people or retired. Our client base is primarily 35-75 years of age in both genders but we do have clients in their 20’s and 80’s+.  We screen, verify, and vet ALL members, and Interview any that go out on dates beforehand to provide a SAFER experience.


4)  What type of relationships do your clients want?

  • Most of our clients are serious about finding their forever partner. Over time we have learned not everyone is focused on that and as such we have some clients who are looking for more casual relationships and that goes with both genders, in events that is the case, this is ALWAYS disclosed to the other party. What we have learned is that while people are on the journey to find their true love they may make pit stops along the way.


5)  How much do you cost? 

  • That is ultimately based on what level of service offering you want. Our Matchmaking Packages typically start at $3,000 and go up from there, we also have some lower service level options for people who want to get their feet wet or dont want our full service approach but want to use our APP. Ultimately we want to work with you to find love and are happy to work with you on a package that fits any price point!  If you are serious we are happy to give you complimentary access for 24 hours to look over our database


The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for The Black Tie Club are for our clients. Any FAQs that become very common amongst our clients will be post on this page. FAQs pages can be endless! We are very Excited to have these FAQs asked by YOU.