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12 years of Matchmaking Experience + Technology + the Best Algorhtyms.

John and Cheryl met in the spring of 2021 when John hired Cheryl to find love. Amazed at how well Cheryl was able to find incredible matches for John,- he approached Cheryl and together leveraging John’s technology and marketing expertise combined with Cheryl’s 12+ years of professional matchmaking deciding to re envision online dating from the ground up and get rid of all the bad elements, keep the good ones, and combine it with a traditional matchmaking service. Trust us, we are different, unique, and BETTER than all of the other options out there. We invite you to compare us against the competition.Noone else guarantees their VIP members dates, no one else shares their database, and noone else allows communication between members, all under one roof. And no one does any of these things and yet still costs more . Come find out for yourself for FREE what makes the Black Tie Club so amazing and different!

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The Black Tie Club has reinvented dating for professional singles! Our App has taken the good and eliminated all the bad aspects of existing solutions. For qualified women, there is NO cost for full feature access to The Black Tie Club App.

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