Our Introductions Service
Perfect for those who prefer a more hands-off approach to dating. One of our experienced matchmakers will reach out to potential matches on your behalf, highlighting your best qualities and securing a date for you. Although we can’t guarantee a date, our members’ success rates increase by 60% with this add-on service.
Introductions our just that, rather than having to message potential partners yourself one of our matchmakers will break the ice for you.
They’ll reach out to anyone in our database on your behalf.
They talk up your best quality and try to secure a date for you.
This doesn’t guarantee you a date but our members success rates go up by 60% when using this add-on service.
3 Introductions – $1,200 Discounted Rate $999 (15% Discount)
6 Introductions – $1,800 Discounted Rate $1,1450 (20% Discount)
12 Introductions – $2,880 Discounted Rate $2,000 (30% Discount)