Hello, if you are like me, single, and trying to find love online, then undoubtedly you have experienced the frustrations of the various online dating options, services, websites, and apps that are out there. It wasn’t until I read an article this past summer that stated the average user of online dating apps spends a whopping 2 HOURS A DAY using them. Think about that for a moment, that means you are spending a FULL month out of the Year using dating apps. 

But it gets even worse because you sleep 4 months out of the year, so in essence of the 8 months you are awake, you are wasting 1 of those 8 months, and thus 12.5 percent of your total awake time per year is WASTED on Online Dating apps. 

But it gets even worse because if you are like me you have multiple apps and you probably pay $20 here, and $30 there a month, and when it all adds up it’s easily $1,000 a year, if not much more when you get suckered into buying their various add-ons.

But yes, it even gets much worse, because that’s not the total cost to you, it’s also the LOST opportunity cost of what you could be doing with your time. If you could have been working and earning, taking your annual salary, divide it by 12 and that’s how much money you are really losing every year wasting time on dating apps with little to no real success.

The other problems with online dating apps, and while there are many, the primary ones are:

  1. Tons of times forced to “swipe” on profiles of no interest to you.
  2. Very Hard to “Break The Ice” through these apps.
  3. Hard to engage in a meaningful conversation.
  4. Rarely ever meet someone.
  5. They are rarely who they appear to be online.
  6. And if you do meet in person, etc it’s hard to get feedback on what the other person truly thought about you.
  7. Some of them even have the audacity to try to convince you to meet people site unseen (no photos).

So finally, after I had enough of all this time wasting and bad dates and wasted money, I decided upon the encouragement of a friend to hire a local MatchMaker to me, named Cheryl Maida. 

What primarily attracted me to Cheryl’s model was 

  1. She was local
  2. She formerly was an Executive Recruiter and she took her skills and process from that career and applied it to MatchMaking, ensuring a very thorough and rigorous process.
  3. She personally met every person both Male and Female.
  4. She promised to “break the ice” as well as provide post-date feedback so I didn’t have to wonder what the other party thought.
  5. It was incredibly reasonably priced, guaranteeing me unlimited dates, but as many as I could reasonably handle.

So, I signed up with Cheryl and true to her word within just a few days she had already set me up with an incredible lady, whom I hold in the highest of regard. While that did not work out, Cheryl continued to introduce me to incredible ladies, quite frankly whom I would NEVER in a million years have met or had an opportunity to go with on my own. 

Thrilled with the quality of Cheryl’s service, I decided to approach her with the idea of making it even better, by developing an app and website where members of the newly formed “The Black Tie Club” can see each other, interact with each other, and turbocharging our marketing efforts to grow the Black Tie Club membership base as fast as we can. 

For Ladies, the cost to be a member is 100 percent FREE! 

For Men – Our pricing model is simple and transparent and the same for everyone (don’t allow yourself to be scammed by high price services that vary their pricing based on who you are). A membership guarantees you an unlimited amount of quality dates, plus you have complete access to our app and we will attempt to connect you to any existing members all you want.


Best of all we offer a 100 percent Money Back Guarantee (Prorated based on time of membership)  – No questions asked. We are so confident you will be thrilled with the quality of the introductions we will make for you that we proudly stand behind our word.