The biggest and best companies in the world have developed tremendous systems and processes for hiring their large scale workforces. In search of the best, truly qualfied candidates for a position an applicant is typically required to:

  1. Submit a professional resume

  2. Be Interviewed by multiple people at the company

  3. Be asked to take IQ, Logic, and Personality type tests

  4. Have their references checked

  5. Have their background checked

  6. Accessed over a number of factors – such as appropriateness for the role, cultural fit, etc.

So wouldn’t it be cool if you could apply the same principles to your Dating Life?
Well now you can — That’s exactly what The Black Tie Club offers!
All of our members are verified, vetted, interviewed, and upon request background checked. They are all professional woman and men ranging in age primarily from the 30’s-70’s whom are tired of the traditional dating apps and the frustrations that come along with it and
want to taking their love life seriously. Their Pictures are real and recent, their profile info is verified for accuracy, and everyone is relationship minded.
If you are interested in learning more about the black tie club, – please select the appropriate gender link on the top of the page or Inquire below!

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