Welcome to The Black Tie Club.

Florida’s most exclusive dating service for the busy professional!

Client and Member options available.

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Welcome to The Black Tie Club

We are Dating ReInvented!

Let’s find you someone special.

Why Personalized Matchmaking?

Clients are guaranteed a genuine, enjoyable dating process


Competitive Pricing

We offer Personalized Matchmaking, at an extremely competitive price

Interview Process

Each client get an in-person interview for 1 hour

We Do All The Work

We do all the legwork, we break the ice, & make each introduction happen

We Find Your Special Person

We recruit specifically for you outside of the database

Introductions Guaranteed

All clients are guaranteed a minimum amount of introductions- there is no quota to fulfill, therefore there are only quality introductions made


We personally screen & interview every woman in the database


All the women are local and are located in your area.

A Fresh Selection

Majority of the women in database are not on dating sites

Accurate Pictures

The women’s pictures are current and accurate

Database Access

The clients are able to view the database of women as well, & select who may interest them

We Invite on Your Behalf

Clients can request specific women they view on a site or Facebook to become part of database

Valuable Feedback

I give valuable feedback after every first introduction , which alleviates any questions or concerns or ghosting!

Personalized Coaching

Throughout the matchmaking process, I offer coaching to all my clients which helps for all future dates

Membership Pause

Clients are able to pause membership at will for up to 12 months.

Around the Clock Service

We are available 7 days/ week to all of our clients


Clients have free access to all mixers

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