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Real customers of The Black Tie Club share their experience and give their feedback on the service they have received. The Black Tie Club is earning reviews for its exemplary services. Let real people speak for themselves and see why this club’s commitment to customer experience has them coming back time after time!

When I met Cheryl of The Black Tie Club, I had been single for a number of years and had tried online dating sites without much success.  I was immediately taken by her incredible enthusiasm and dedication to her role as a matchmaker and how she took a personal interest in my particular situation.  Over the next several months, she was always available if I had a question or if I sent her a text, I would always receive a response, even if it was a short note saying that she was tied up and would get back to me as soon as possible and she did so.

It was great that I could go on their website and look at profiles and if someone piqued my interest, I would just tell her and contact would be made with that woman.  Also, she would actively be searching for women that would meet my  specific criteria and when she found one, would pass it by me to check out my level of interest.  One of the best experiences I had with her and the Black Tie Club was when I asked her to find me a date (that of course I approved of) for a big party I had been invited to.  She took it as a challenge and within 10 days found me an appropriate woman to take to the party and we had a great time together.  Unfortunately a few weeks later that woman moved to the west coast of Florida to concentrate on her career and so it did not work long term.

I have tried other matchmaking services over the years and I have found that The Black Tie Club is by far the best because of their dedication to you as an individual  and because they are responsive to your special  needs and do not ignore that important point in looking for matches.

If you’re tired being single and looking for that love of your life, it is well worth the very reasonable cost of their service.


I have been using this service for two months and am quite pleased. The women they have introduced have all been screened to what I am looking for and have set up very enjoyable dates. They really save me a lot of time as I don’t want to go on traditional dating sites. They really listen and are committed to finding a good match. I would recommend them highly


I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Cheryl and her team at The Black Tie Club. From the initial meeting, when I knew Cheryl was the right matchmaker for me, she and her team have been very professional, supportive and understanding of the type of person that could be a great match for me. Having been approached by numerous other matchmakers over the past year Cheryl got my business due to her authentic genuine care for her clients. I would highly recommend The Black Tie Club to anyone looking for a great matchmaker.

I am familiar with Cheryl and the services that she provides and has provided over the last 10 years. I had the pleasure of using her services. I found that each potential person that Cheryl fixed me up with was fully vetted, professional, representative of what I was looking for and, in fact, wound up dating one of her referrals for approximately five years. Only reason I did not use her subsequent was that she took a hiatus. I was not in a committed relationship now, I would use her services immediately and happily. Again, I found her to be very professional, the referrals were equally professional, and, of good moral integrity. She always was available and extremely helpful. 


I was introduced to Cheryl a little over 8 years ago. She was referred to me by a friend, who had nothing but amazing things to say about her. I was recently divorced and wasn’t interested in online dating sites. Cheryl is as honest as they come. You can tell after speaking with her for five minutes, how much she loves her job! She explained her entire process to me and answered every question I had. She emphasized how she concentrates on setting people up with quality introductions, as opposed to just throwing people out on multiple dates. That was the best part. I knew even if I had to wait a little while to have an introduction, it would be worth it! 

I met my boyfriend about 8 years ago, & we are in the process of planning to get married now. He was only my second introduction! I remember Cheryl’s phone call to me telling me all about him. I love that she really got to know here clients well and have met each one (& was so excited telling me all about him). Thinking back, Cheryl wasn’t only my matchmaker, but my therapist and a really good friend to us both. I cannot recommend her highly enough. You will be very happy working with her & one day will be in our position writing her an excellent referral. 


Have to say your web site is full of gorgeous ladies. You were definitely not overhyping. And after reading their profiles, they are quality! Best looking ladies on any dating / matchmaking web site I have ever seen.


I couldn’t say enough wonderful things about The Black Tie Club. I was introduced to Rachel 11 months ago, and things couldn’t be better! The quality of women I was introduced to have really been top notch, and the entire process was nothing but enjoyable and stress-free! I can’t thank them enough for introducing to me, who I hope to be my future wife. You would get a 5-star rating across the board from me!!!!


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